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Chatzi licked me!

I guess that’s it. I can’t persuade Bratzi, sorry, I mean Chatzi to stay away and leave me alone!

He keeps chasing me around and attacking me!

Of course, when it’s food time, I tolerate him but it’s only because I’m so nice, and he behaves himself! This photo is good for comparing our sizes – he looks around the same size as me, but I think it’s the angle. Maybe he’s almost as tall as me, but I’m certainly bigger than him, not that I’m fat, I’m just bulkier. I’m sure he’ll fill out though in time!

After dinner, he’s back to his usual tricks of chasing me around! I scream and whap him, but he’s pretty tough, and he doesn’t seem bothered!..

I guess it’s beginning to sink in now though, as this afternoon, he came over to say he’s sorry.

EEEEEW!! He’s covering me in boy-spit!!

Oh ok, I guess it’s pretty nice to be loved..

See you all soon!


On a sadder note, If you haven’t already heard, my friend Asia, the 2 year old Bengal from Pet Meadow went to The Bridge on Saturday after suffering from suspected Feline Dysautonomia. Daddycat was really upset when he read about that, so please pop over and send them some purrs, because they must be having such a terribly hard time right now.

Asia was a Bengal like Chatzi and me, so we always felt a special bond with her. She loved to jump, and these amazing pictures are how we’ll always remember her.

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19 comments to Chatzi licked me!

  • I guess you are finally getting used to the kid!

    I was sad to hear about Asia too. You Bengals are such lively and active kitties that it’s really upsetting to hear when one of you guys gets sick, especially a young kitty like her.

  • Heh..heh… I don’t think you love his licking’s technique : )

  • URK! Boy cooties are the worst.

    We were so sad to see Asia pass, our Mommy cried quite a bit.

  • He might be good to have around after all! He can clean those hard to reach places! We did not know Asia but are so sorry that she went to the bridge!

  • Tamir isn’t a licker, so we don’t get boy cooties.

    We’re sorry about Asia.

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  • Old Kitty

    Awww lovely Freya! It may be boy-spit but it’s Chatzi’s special boy-spit just for you! LOL!!

    Hugs too to adorable Teego!!

    It’s very very sad about beautiful Asia!! take care

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    You Bengals are such lively and active kitties. We were so sad to know Asia passed.

  • Stay away from him Freya. He has boy germs!

  • Zoe

    Thank you for your comment about Daisy, we all have our fingers crossed for another poop! Your cats are absolutely gorgeous!

  • Hi Freya! Well, we are glad that you and Chatzi are getting along and that he is apologizing for bugging you now – but we understand your aversion to boy spit!

    And we were so sad when we read about Asia – mom cried so much, and we made sure to stop by and send them lots of purrs and prayers as soon as we heard.

  • Oh…you’ll get used to boy spit!!!

  • We are so sorry about your friend Asia!

    Well done Chatzi, by looking at the photos above, I see you acting as a very independent and hard to get kind of Mancat, which is a must to conquer the ladies. Of course, it’s nice to be loved but preferably with a lady.

  • Boys will be boys! They always like to make trouble. You are a good big sister, Freya, but then you had prior experience with Teego.

    I think one day that Chatzi will be bigger than you — but despair not! In our house, Domino is the smallest, but she’s the one who rules.

  • Wow, we haven’t visited in awhile and we didn’t know there was a new kitty! Hi ya, Chatzi!! Nice of you to give Freya a spit shine!! Haha!

    Oh, and we were very very sad to hear about Asia going to the Bridge. She was much too young to leave this world. Purrs to her family.

  • Erika Ben-Bruno, Lexi & Cookie

    Freya & Chatzi look amazing together!
    Very sorry to hear about beautiful Asia, she was so young :-(
    Our thoughts are with Asia’s family.
    Bengal Friends x x x

  • Thank you Freya for your kind words. Its been great to have so many people passing on their words of advice and thoughts. This has really helped keep me from disappearing into a hole, seriously. (PS, yes, boy cooties are no fun, but I bet in a few months you won’t even notice!)

  • Sounds to us like you are getting used to having Chatzi around, Freya. And it sounds like he really loves you. :)

    We are sorry to hear about Asia. We will go visit now.

  • Ew, a wet lick!!! But it is a sweet thing to do :-)