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Catit Design Senses Food Maze Review

Well, this is our first review of five, and we picked the one that we thought might be the most exciting to review first! Be sure to read all the way to the bottom to WIN one in a competition!

It’s called the Food Maze, and it’s a Puzzle Feeder. That means that the cat has to complete a task in order to be rewarded by a treat. A human puzzle feeder would need to be very complicated with knobs and dials and switches to make it hard for them, but for a cat it can be a lot simpler.

A cat’s natural instincts are to hunt and to scavenge, so they like to chase and kill, or discover food by looking carefully. You put the treats or dry biscuits in the top, and the kittie has to knock the biscuits from the top layer into the second layer, and then knock them into the third. After the third layer, it drops into the tray at the bottom, and then Chatzi steals your reward! I’m sure that’s not how it’s meant to be, but that’s how it works in our house!

Our first impression of it was very good. The online price is around £10 – £15, (or $10-$15) which is incredibly cheap considering what it is, but it feels very solid and doesn’t feel like thin plastic that’s going to break within a week! It looks kinda nice too, with blue tinted clear plastic and funky lime green on the inside.

With all three of us playing on the food maze, it got a bit chaotic, and there were paws flying everywhere, and treats dropping out all over the place, but if you watch the video, later on when Freya and Chatzi were locked out of the room, Teego used the food maze on his own and it worked very well, and he was very calmly figuring things out.

Here’s our video review!

There is one thing that we’d like them to change on the next version, and that’s the lid. All of us will eat the treats through the hole in the lid as that’s the easiest way to get to the treats! So Daddycat put a small plate over the opening and that stops us cheating. :-(

We expected it to fall over within 2 minutes, expecting either Freya or Chatzi to give it a pull, and it would all come tumbling down! But in reality, there was only one instance when it was pulled, but the cat let go and it stood back up again, so that’s a great mark for stability.

We really liked this – it’s a sensible price, I would genuinely have expected it to be double the price, and since food is involved, I doubt cats will ever get bored of it.

If you’d like to buy one of these, click here: Catit Senses Food Maze

I’m going to award the Catit Design Senses Cat Maze a total of FIVE PAWS out of FIVE!

Now for the competition!

The lovely people at Hagen have given us TWO of these fantastic puzzle feeders to give away as prizes! They want this to be a Trans-Atlantic competition – there’s one for kitties in The USA, and one for kitties in the UK! We’re really sorry for kitties anywhere else, but we can’t afford to send them anywhere else!

The competition is now CLOSED! Visit us again soon or subscribe, to enter our other TWO competitions coming up!


pee ess…  We haven’t received any payment whatsoever for this review, other than the products theselves for review for free. It’s our genuine and honest opinion.

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