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Daddycat’s building me a Catio!

Sorry we haven’t blogged for SUCH A LONG TIME, daddycat’s been taking a break from blogging.

Because he’s SO LAZY.

Anyway, the good news, is that he’s building me a Catio. Unfortunately, I have to share it with Teego and Chatzi too.

to see part 2

to see part 3

 to see part 4

For anyone who wonders what is a Catio, it’s an outdoor cage for Cats!  And since it sounds a bit like Patio, People call it a Catio. Do people in Americaland have Patios? I wonder if it’s an English word?

First you cut the wood for the Catio, using some scarey wood eating machine. Daddycat loves it because it’s a powertool. Daddycat’s love noisy powertools, the noisier the better. Cats DO NOT LIKE powertools. He used a mighty saw, here’s a link to the review article.

Then you do a little dance as you paint the wood, as Daddycat is demonstrating here.

This is a posed photograph of Daddycat pretending to paint the Catio. It’s meant to look like he did all the painting, when in fact, we think mommacat did a lot of the painting!

This is 30m of 25x25mm mesh. It’s so heavy Daddycat tried to lift it, and couldn’t even move it!

This is not the way to follow Health and Safety guidelines.

WOOHOO!! it’s going to be a great big catio!

Daddycat’s friends, RoarkeCat and RobCat came to help him. They like powertools too. They laugh at Daddycat a lot. I think that’s because he’s funny?

Cats DO NOT LIKE powertools. Did I mention that already?

The mesh is attached to the frame with a staple gun. That’s also a powertol, but not as noisy as most powertools.

We can’t wait to go out in our catio! Maybe they’ll forget to put the roof on?

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23 comments to Daddycat’s building me a Catio!

  • Oh WOW that looks FANTASTIC!! It’ll be so exciting to be able to go outside, it’s great out there. Lots of new things to sniff out! Can’t wait to see it finished!

  • Wow ! I couldn’t believe that noisy tools can make Awesome Patio for you guys !
    Wonderful !!! and this is the massive spoiled for you all.
    Your Daddy love you all so much !!! You all are luckiest Kitties !!!!
    Happy World Cat Day !!!

  • Wow, fantastic! You’re going to love it when it’s done and you can get out in it. But yep, they need the roof…and our mom says she assumes none of you can slip underneath, at the bottom. (Our angel Annie got out from our back space when she was younger by squeezing under the tiny gap between the bottom of the fence and the ground. LOL.)

    Happy World Cat Day, by the way!

  • WOW! That is going to be one giant catio! We sure hope they remember to put a roof on it … we love you, Teego and Chatzi, and want you to be safe and protected.

    Happy World Cat Day! :)

  • PPK's Mom

    So nice to hear from you guys!!!!!!! :) Wow!!! What a beautiful catio you guys are getting!!! The pride would love to have one too! But the silly hoomans have to live in a stacked home!!

    The pride is soooooooo jealous!!!!


  • Your Daddycat loves you very much to make this for you! It is going to be so much fun. Yes, we have patios and Catios in the US, but none at our house!

  • OMC – that is PAWSOME!!! Can we caome visit??? We don’t have the space for a Catio here…maybe someday.

  • We have a HUGE enclosed patio that SHOULD be a catio, but the dog has it. Hiss!

  • What a HUGE catio!!!! We’ve been pondering building an enclosed porch for us and our kitties

    Mommy M and The Garrison

  • That is a great catio in the making and look forward to seeing it in all its glory. Mum wishes she had the space for one of those as it must be great. Happy world cat day.. Hugs GJ xx

  • HURRAH!!! Your very own (sorta) CATIO!!! We love ours. Mommy cracked up at your Daddy with the drill, she said something about “tender parts”!

    We can’t wait to see it finished!

    Happy World Cat Day!!

  • bruno lexi cookie

    You have such a kind and hard working dad, you are very lucky cats. Can’t wait to see some pics of you all inside when it’s done. We have a cat flap and do enjoy going outside but our mum does worry about us :-( all. Speak soon x

  • Whoa, you are very lucky to have your very own catio! We have a patio here, but NOT a catio. I cannot wait to see it all finished!

  • Wow, you are so lucky! Your Daddy loves you so much!

  • Wow, you are lucky kitties. You’re going to have such fun.

  • OMC! That is quite a catio in the making!

    MOM!!!!! DAD!!!! I want a catio! NOW!

    pee ess…yes we have patio’s here in Oregon…but clearly we are deprived because the humans hog it and have not yet turned it into a catio.


  • Anica

    I am SO jealous! I don’t have a catio. We have a patio, but I’m not allowed to go outside because I really like exploring the creek, and it makes mom nervous – like I’d really fall in! Enjoy the catio (and maybe they will leave the roof off for you!

  • That is so awesome! Can I send Teddy over?

  • What a swell Catio…Daddycat is still gonna make that movie with the fake fur, right??

  • Viv

    Hope your Dad remembers the catuzzi, central heating and 3D TV. When that’s installed, let men know and I’ll start packing!!

  • OMG, this is so cool. What can I do to convince your Daddycat that he must come over here USA, (of course lovely Freya has to come too!), and build one for MOI? Oh, tell your daddycat I’ll give me a lot of beers, and not to worry about Freya I’ll take VERY GOOD care of her!!!! I’m sooooooooooo jealous right now!