All about MEE!

Finished building the Catio

Chatzi is first to explore and seems happy and confident. And noisy.

Teego is next, but much more subdued. He's only been outside once in his life!

I hope Chatzi learns not to hook his claws into the wire mesh

Now the other two have checked that it's safe, Freya comes in to give the catio a once-over.

Apparently, someone called "Huffle Mawson" told Chatzi that it's ok and great fun to chew leaves in the garden.

This is a supposedly "artistic" photograph. We look gorgeous either way. Artistic or not.

The behaviour of the three cats is very different. Chatzi was straight in, and very confidently exploring everywhere.

Teego was quite nervous and with us sat down in there, was almost clingy, weaving in and out of our legs, although indoors, he’s the most aloof and least touchy of the three.

Freya walked in, fairly confidently, went to the far corner, and jumped straight up and climbed the mesh to the top, in two bounds! Chatzi copied her about 10 seconds later!

After this, about 10 minutes later, we noticed Freya doing a lot of pacing along the far two sections. I know this is a problem with Zoo Animals, but should we be concerned so soon? I’m inclined not to worry unless that’s all she does every time she goes out there.

Anyway, all that’s left now, is to knock a catflap in the wall so they can come and go as they please, as it’s a bit of a fuss ferrying them one by one from the house to the Catio!

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25 comments to Finished building the Catio

  • Looks great! Are there any climbing walkways or a cat tree or something, for them to play on? If not, it’s something to consider, at least in good (dry) weather. Our back space (small, townhouse) is fenced, with an addition to the top(Palruf sheeting, angled supports) to keep Nicki in. He’s the jumper, the escape artist. There aren’t any platforms to lie on, but they have all the garden plants to hide under and play in.

    You know who else has a neat outdoor catio? Pikku Punapippuri at She’s added walk-ways, etc., but she does have a larger fenced space.

    We think your catio is awesome and hope you all love your safe, outdoor time!

  • AWESOME!!! We agree – you need some vertical spaces now. :) We don’t think you should worry too much about Freya just yet – she may have been checking out the fence line for introoders. MOL

  • Old Kitty

    Yay!! Well it’s very early days and I;m sure with lots of things for them to bite and climb and play with, they’ll love it!!!! Awww Teego is so beautiful! Chatzi is amazing! And Freya’s a star! take care

  • bruno lexi cookie

    It’s excellent, Freya is so clever to climb up straight away! Hopefully little Teego will soon get used to it too. Well done x

  • I totally agree with Fuzzy Tales. Maybe Freya would feel more relaxed if there was something to play with or walk on. She might be feeling “cagey” no pun intended. I know I had to give away a Kritter Kondo to a friend because Cody can’t stand being caged in anything!

  • You’re all very correct, We do plan to put lots of catio furniture in there, with shelves, and climbing posts, and slopes, but we were so excited to have the cage finished, we couldn’t wait to try it out!

  • Congratulations on your big grand opening!

  • THat is a great catio! You did a great job. We think the cats will get use to it over time!

  • That’s so cool! You lucky cats!

  • That is beyond cool! I look forward to lots of Freya-Teego-Chatzy catio pictures!

  • Your done A GREAT JOB !, and I do agree with Fuzzy Tales and Caren, Steps in the catio will make more fun !
    and I love the last photo, Look purrfect beautiful !
    Enjoy your Catio : )

  • How exciting! I wish we had a catio all to ourselves instead of the dog taking over what should be ours.

  • Gonzalita

    Very cool catio, perfect for beautiful and cool cats as you are!

  • I object to being called “someone”! I’m a very important black cat. Or something.

    p.s. nice catio!

  • Looks great and I am sure all with soon know that it is a great way to see whats happening outside. A job well done I think.. HUgs GJ xx

  • What a cool catio! Poor Teego — I didn’t think he was that timid. As far as the pacing, I think that there’s still some wildcat in those bengals!

    You have provided such a wonderful outdoor space for your kitties, where they can get all the fresh air they want, and still be safe.

  • Wowee! That catio looks fantastic! We bet Freya, Teego and Chatzi are going to have a great time in there. :)

  • Anica

    I’m so purrfectly happy to see that the catio is finished – how cool is that? Everyone will be so excited with all the toys you’ll put in there! Have fun, Freya, Teego, and Chatzi!

  • Doodle Bean

    What a great catio! And it will be even better once you get all the fun stuff in there!

    I also agree that pacing at this stage is more like checking things out and marking the territory a bit. Zoo animals pace when they have nothing else to do with their time and then it becomes a habit, then a compulsion. That’s not close to happening with your Freya!

    I always love it when the too-cool and aloof cats get all kittenish when faced with something new! I’m sure Teego will adjust quickly!

  • Kat

    ooooooo we so jealous! It looks catastic! I have seen other catios where they have put some cleaned up log/tree things and wood shelves to climb on, nothing carpeted cuz of the weather. My mom has been concerned with how to do the cat flap thing and still keep the temp in the house nice all year round. She want’s us kitties to have a catio too.Great job!

  • I think it’s gonna be a lot of fun after everyone gets used to it!

  • Yve

    It looks amazing!!! Thank-you so very much for sharing!!! :)

    “The pride” wishes that they had one!! lol

  • Paula

    I am just about to re slab my patio so that I can build a catio. Mind you there is going to be a chickio as well as I am getting some chickens give the cats something to watch.