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How to build a Catio Part 2

Hi everyone! We’re getting REALLY excited now – The catio is continuing to improve!

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This is Daddycat doing that hillarious gag where you stand behind the wire, and pretend you're in prison. ha. ha.

Pretending to work - it's quite slimming to hold your hands above your head, isn't it?

This is all the wire mesh left, from a 30 meter roll of 25x25 mesh. I hope there's enough to do the end panel!

These diagonal supports are very useful for adding structural rigidity to the whole thing. If we did it again, we'd start using them earlier on in the process.

Looking like a proper Catio now!

There's a lot of ripples in the mesh, generally all over. It's not possible to pull it tight, so I think it's pretty much the way it goes with mesh

All that’s left now, is to do the end panel with what’s left of the mesh, and fit the door and hinges.

Oh, and cut the hole in the wall for the catflap, so we can come and go when we want!

We’re so excited – outdoors sounds like great fun!

I’m very excited abut the catio. What do you think Teego?

“mmmf mmm mmpfh!”


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