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The Catio is completely finished!!

Hooray! It’s finished!!!

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The last thing to do was to make some catio furniture, of walkways and ramps and a rope tower, and to fit the CAT FLAP!

It’s quite a big job to put a cat flap in an 11 inch brick wall, but fortunately, we were lucky enough to have a friend, Trevorcat, who came over to fit it for us! Wasn’t that nice of him?

So here are the pictures!

First, he marked out where the hole needed to go

Then cut through from the outside - That's a noisy thing called an SDS drill.

The cut through from the inside... This was really dusty!


Time to reward Trevorcat for all his work by allowing him to fuss us a little.

Teego comes over to allow him a stroke too. He likes Teego a lot, because Teego can do the "Sad eyes" trick.

Some more scritches for Chatzi before.....

Get back to work, and we're FINISHED!!!!

Even Teego manages to fit his considerable floof through the catflap!

Chatzi explores the walkways fearlessley!

And finally, I come out to bravely explore. All of us figured out the catflap after a couple of trys.

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