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STOP PRESS! Freya sits within 10 feet of Chatzi!

Hi everyone! Teego here…..

I’m not sure if this is real or been photoshopped, but we have some shocking photographs to show you.

A couple of days ago, there was some ham being handed out in the kitchen, and it seems that Freya and Chatzi both sat on the bin to receive yummy ham for a number of seconds!

Of course, shortly after, there was some hissing, and some spitting, and some VERY poor potty language, (all from Freya, I’m sorry to say!) But we have photographic eveidence of the two existing peacefully together for a few seconds!

Of course I wouldn’t want to be unfair and suggest that Freya is unfairly mean to Chatzi. He does look like the picture of good manners in the last photo, even giving Freya a loving lick, but in reality, Freya and Chatzi still have to sort of relationship that you might call hunter/prey, rather than loving brother/sister.

He looks about the same size as Freya here, and he probably is, and he’s still eating 4 meals a day. (That’s twice as much as us two mature kitties!)

Chatzi is a very boisterous kitten still, and we’re hoping, Please God, that one day he’ll calm down and let us sleep unhunted for a change!

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