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The Tail Positions of Bengal cats?

(Some of you will already have seen a draft of this article, as last Friday, I hit publish instead of draft! Clumsy paws!)

So…. It’s fairly common knowledge that with domestic cat body language, you can tell a lot from the position of the tail. If it’s straight upright or upright with a hook on the tip, it shows a happy and confident cat.

Well, I read something interesting about us Bengals the other day, and it got me thinking. (The Bengal cat is a cross breed between an Asian Leopard Cat, and a domestic cat.)

Apparently, a characteristic of a Bengal cat is that instead of holding their tail bolt upright like a domestic cat, their tail hangs low, as a link back from their wild cat ancestry!

Now, I hadn’t heard that before, so we took some pictures to see, and I think it might be true! I’d be very interested to hear about other opinions from our Bengal friends too! Do your tails hang low as well?

Chatzi has a low tail

My tail also hangs low like a wild cat!

My tail usually has this curve to it

Teego's tail is typically upright, and you can see my tail in the foreground too!

Of course, this isn’t a scientific study, and while we were photographing these pictures, sometimes, Chatzi’s tail did go straight up, although my tail never goes higher than in the last picture, and always has that curve to it!

Has anyone else heard about this apparent Bengal trait?

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16 comments to The Tail Positions of Bengal cats?

  • Iain Laurie

    Not heard this before but Tiznee our 2 year old girl has always carried her tail low unless particularly excited. It however drops lower when stalking…

  • How interesting. We’re not Bengals, so we wouldn’t know.

  • Yes, I read that somewhere as well. Now our Mr Mazi when he is excited, he has a cute little prancing walk he does and his tail is up when he does that. But his normal walking around it is held down too. When they were kittens they used to puff up like a little Halloween cat when they were excited and do the sideways crab walk with their tails straight up.

  • Does your tail hang low
    Does it waggle to and fro
    does it curve in a bow…

    Mom is to brain dead to make up any more.

  • This is interesting! We hold our tails straight up, most of the time…but we’re moggies, through and through.

  • I wish, I could give you an answer, Chatzi, but all I can say, I do appreciate the fact that your sister Freya has (je ne sais pas quoi) of a wild cat! Meow to that!

  • Doodle Bean

    My Bengal usually carries her tail like Chatzie’s, although she holds it start up when she prances like she is from France.

    Where my two – Bengal and non-Bengal, differ is with wagging their tails. When the Bengal does it, she’s happy. When the non-Bengal does it, he’s irritated or even angry.

    The wagging was the hardest to get used to. I used to stop scritching my Bengal when she started wagging her tail because of my experience with ‘normal’ cats, and she would get really disappointed.

    Do your Bengals wag their tails when they’re happy?

    • I haven’t noticed them wagging…But I’ll keep a look out, now you’ve mentioned it! I don’t think either of them wag at all… ever!

  • erika bruno lexi & cookie

    Yes we bengals are low tail carriers too ^..^ x

  • I’m not a Bengal, But my tail keep it low sometime when I watch some intruder is coming and then I run to approach them.
    Not answers your question but I just luv to join..tee..heh

  • Hm, it looks like you may have a point there! Me? I’m a Somali, and I usually do the fluffy question mark tail.

  • Yve

    Tibbie carries his tail low. He also eats like a “big cat”. Anyone else notice that?? He takes a bite and kind of throws the food in the air to eat it. lol (resulting in a mess on the floor lol)

  • Interesting! We’ve had bengals at the shelter before, but didn’t take note of their tail positions. We will be sure to do so the next time one comes in! :)

  • I have owned a Bengal for eleven years and he has always carried his tail like this. It’s never bolt upright.

  • cat0325

    A little late to this discussion, but our Bengal Dylan also walks with his tail low.

  • Luna

    My bengal luna has always got an upright firm tail,never puts it down and often slaps me with it