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Chicken liver raw food treat!

We had an unexpected treat a while ago! We have a friend who is a famous Chef – Chef Annie from Annie’s Supper Club. I guess she was cooking something chickeny, and although she didn’t offer to share any with us, she did come round with a tub of CHICKEN LIVERS!!!

I’m guessing that her guests didn’t get any lovley chicken livers, and just got the leftovers like the breast and leg! hah! They have no idea!

I think Daddycat must have been a little under the weather here, as he kept gagging while preparing our delicious treat!

Yummy Chicken Livers all for US!!! Notice how bright red they were – I guess that’s what you get when they’re so fresh?

Teego doesn’t seem very interested though in his delicious livers. Maybe he didn’t want to get his light coloured furs all messy and red or something…

So we were more than happy to help Mr Teego out, and eat his livers for him.

Honestly, we don’t understand humans, all they kept saying while we were scoffing was “bleurgh! That’s gross” and “yuck, how could they?”

They simply have no taste!

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