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Teego has a problem in his mancat bits!

Last week, Mommacat noticed that Teego was weeing in an unusual place, not in the Litter Tray. Fortunately, as a result of this, she noticed there was some blood in his wee. An easy way to check this, is to press some white kitchen towel into it, and you’ll see what colour it is!

how to spot blood in a cat's urine

The picture's not so good, but it was more red than yellow.

Daddycat was away on business, so she couldn’t ask him, (not that he’d know!) so she called our friend Barbara from Silversmoke Abyssinians, even though it was very late at night, and dear Barbara said “anything like that, go straight to the emergency vet. If it’s a blockage, it can be life threatening within hours!”

Mommacat didn’t need to be told twice – She took Teego to the 24h Emergency Vet, 30 minutes drive away, and they gave him an examination. Their conclusion was that it wasn’t a blockage, and gave him a strong painkiller, and told us to go to our vets first thing in the morning.

In the morning, the vet gave him an antibiotic, and prescribed some Cystaid capsules that we could sprinkle over his food.

Mr Teego was too wise and wouldn’t eat any food with pills in it, so they had to be smart!

Unlike Mr Teego, who completely fell for the ruse, and eats his medicine every time!

HANG ON!…. We don’t get any Tuna!

On the other hand, maybe we don’t want Tuna like that – Teego went to see our Favourite Vet today, Jesse, and HE TRIED TO STEAL TEEGOS WEE-WEE!!! (He wants to have a look if theres any crystals in there.) He got a nice assistant to hold Teego down, while they put the needle in. To be honest, Teego was very brave, and didn’t struggle much once it started, but look at his ears!

Unfortunatley, Teego’s bladder was empty, so he has to go back to see Jesse again tomorrow morning, first thing, when his bladder is full, and do it all again!

It’s a good job we like Jesse isn’t it?

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