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Teego passed his test at the vets today!

The day after Teego’s failed urine sample, Teego was booked to go to the vets first thing in the morning, ideally with a FULL bladder, to make it easy for the vet to steal some of his wee!
We were under strict instructions to try not to let him wee before his appointment.
That morning, Mommacat was in the kitchen, and out of the corner of her eye, noticed Teego getting into the litter tray! Now, it’s not like you can chase him out or anything, but fortunately, Teego has some funny toilet positions, and this time he chose a fairly upright one, and quick-thinking Mommacat grabbed a cup off the draining board and held it under him and caught every last drop!!!!

So fortunately for Mr Teego, he got away with not having to go to the vet again, and having someone steal his wee-wees!

This is a picture from the Vets – notice how Teego ISN’T there!!

And if you ever come to our house and we give you a cup of tea in that cup….  well, maybe you should take the hint?

And do you know what that nice JesseVet said as we were about to empty the cup and go?

“I’ll just take a syringe of Teego’s wee for myself, as well as the one to send away for testing”!!!  I wonder why he wants some???  It’s either to do some of his own tests, or it’s to sell it on Ebay!!!

haw haw! We’re only joking – JesseVet is always so lovely to us!

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