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Welcome back to us!!

Dearest Furrends,

We are REALLY sorry we’ve been away for so long, and the reason is entirely DADDYCAT’s FAULT.

Maybe we should be a bit more gentle and respectful, but hey why bother? He loves us so much he’d never punish us whatever we did!

Anyway he’s entirely to blame, and just wanted a break from blogging for a short while, and then the break got longer and longer, and then finally, our dear friend  Val commented and kicked Daddycat’s butt to get back to blogging for us!

So much has happened since our last post before Christmas. Nothing bad, so don’t be afraid!!

This was going to be our Christmas picture, but guess what… nothing happened!

Teego has FLUTD

Teego has finally been diagnosed with FLUTD, after quite a long and troublesome diagnosis, from the best vet in the world, Jesse!

Teego kept squatting and straining to go, and occasionally passing blood and initially we thought it was a blocked urinary tract, so that meant a visit to the emergency vet, who said he’s not blocked, as his bladder is empty.

So the next day, JesseVet tried to get a sample and couldn’t because his bladder was again emtpy! He suspected FLUTD, but it’s hard to diagnose conclusively, and the best way is to rule out everything else. So he did a blood test, and a crystals in the urine test too, and Teego passed both of those tests, so then JesseVet gave him a variety of treatments, (My memory is fuzzy about the exact order of these, so if it sounds wrong, blame me, not JesseVet) Including a steroid shot, Cystaid capsules, Some exerimental Vetergesic drops administered under the tongue (kind of morphine for cats?) and Teego started to improve.

JesseVet also thought that stress from Chatzi may be an issue, so he prescribed Zylkene (not zyklene as we kept calling it) to both Freya and Teego! We’re not certain that it had any effect, but we trust JesseVet, and we do as we’re told.

So now Freya and Teego are both off their medicines, and eating a new food that we buy from the Vet, that’s kind of unbranded cat biscuits, but more on that later.

Chatzi still terrorizes Freya, but we keep catching them snuggled up too, so maybe things are looking up!

He’s a great snuggler, so no-one can stay mad at him for long!

So, next time, I’ll tell you about Teego the Great Mouse Hunter of Orpington!!!


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17 comments to Welcome back to us!!

  • Yay, so glad to see you back and glad to hear everything’s okay. Also glad to see the snuggling – now if you could just get all three in one picture… but maybe not. That much gorgeousness in one picture might break your camera! :)

  • Hooray, you are back! It sounds like you have had a busy time. I’m glad Teego has such a good vet looking after him.

  • Welcome back! Tell that Teego that I am sure glad he is doing better.

  • We are glad you are back! Teego, We hope your nice vet is getting you all fixed up! We love the snuggle pictures!

  • Well all that snuggling is just wonderful, cats fight, but where they fall asleep tells the real story!

  • We are also glad to hear so much good news from you. Welcome back!

  • It’s great seeing you here again! It sounds like everyone is finding their place in your home. BTW, I knew it was the human’s fault you guys were gone for so long. It always is.

  • Yay we missed you! Glad everything is good. Rachel sometimes doesn’t feel like blogging and we have to kick her butt to get her back on track. She says it’s our fault for not doing anything worth writing about! The cheek!!

  • Welcome back! We’re glad things are being sorted out with Teego and hope that with the new food regime, etc., there will be no more problems.


  • Old Kitty

    Welcome back!!!!

    Awww hugs to sweet Teego – hope he gets better! Take care

  • Yay! So glad you are back! Big hugs to Teego, he needs to have his wee go. Sorry couldn’t resist. I am glad you have such a thorough vet!

  • bruno lexi and cookie

    Great to hear from you guys, hope you all had a good Christmas. Glad Teego is feeling better. We also buy our food from the vet & are doing very well on it x x

  • Yve


    We’re so glad to see you back. It’s been a long, long time. Hope you had a happy holiday season! “cuddles” to everyone! :)

    So glad that Teego is feeling a little better. Hope they like their “vet” food.

  • Val

    Hey your back! I hope Chatzi is relieved to know that his naughtiness is no longer the top story on the most important webpage on the internet!

    Hope I didn’t kick you with my big shoes. That would hurt.


    PS: Teego – hang in there. Hopefully, it’s not ouchie to go pee.

  • Hip Hip Hip Hourra! Daddycat est de retour! We have missed you. We understand what you are going through. Same here!!! The meds, special diet, and etc…

    Can’t wait to read your next post!

    Loki & Nanny


    P.S. Freya, move with MOI, I’ll never terrorize you, except if you insist… :)

  • About time you came back! Although I have been bad at blogging this week too.

  • Hooray! We’re so glad you’re back. :)

    And we are pleased to hear that Teego is doing better!