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Teego goes to the emergency vet AGAIN!

It’s all about Teego at the moment… Our facebook friends will already know about this, but Sunday morning, Teego was taken to the emergency vet because we were concerned about his squatting and vomiting the day before. (it was a week or so after the mouse incedent, in case you were thinking that!) :-)

This has happened a while ago too, and it wasn’t a blocked penis, but turned out to be an infection of FLUTD. To our shock this time, it WAS a blocked penis, and thank God Mommacat made the decision to take him to the vet! The vet instantly admitted him, gave him a catheter to drain his bladder, and his life was saved.

It sounds dramatic, but young mancats do suffer from this occasionally, and a burst bladder is usually fatal!

Fortunately Teego was saved in time.

This is the techie stuff, but if I’m wrong,
please feel free to correct me in the comments!

His heart rate was fast, and arrythmic, due to the Potassium that comes with having a blocked bladder. The Vet gave him some glucose that’s good for absorbing the Potassium.

The next day, Monday, his heart was still quite fast, but no longer arrythmic. His Glucose was 5.8, which is ok, and  there was still a little blood in his urine, but that could be due to the catheter.

Kate the vet is quietly confident. If everything goes well, Mr Teego might get to come home on Wednesday. WOOHOO!

Monday evening, we had a call from Kate, the Vet from Anderson’s Vets in Orpington who was looking after Teego, inviting us to come and see him.

You can imagine how excited we were! We literally stopped everything and ran out to the car!

Teego was very subdued, but when we walked in, his eyes really seemed to recognise us, and his whiskas went forward! We were allowed to take the collar off while we were there to give him cheek scritches, and he even purred, which is lovely in itself, because Teego doesn’t really purr. At least we felt like we gave him a few minutes of comfort in his misery.

Still, there’s only a day and a bit to go now!!!

Many thanks go to Sinenna Kittykins on our Facebook page for giving us this link to information from Long Beach Animal Hospital about blocked urinary tract procedures


Here’s a gratuitous picture of two Bengal cats beside themselves with worry over their missing brother. Or is it some ham being prepared for them?

To be fair, Chatzi was calling a lot on Sunday PM, so maybe he was missing his big brother?

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28 comments to Teego goes to the emergency vet AGAIN!

  • I’m so glad Teego is going to be okay – those blockages are scary! I will be purring lots for him until he is recovered fully.

  • Poor Teego. So glad your mom was on the ball and saved his life. Hope he will soon be home.

  • Poor Teego! WE are gad you took him and he is ok.

  • We’re purring that Teego continues to improve and is home soon.

    Truffle and Brulee

  • Poor Teego. We’re sending our loudest purrs for his recovery!

  • Old Kitty

    Oh Teego! Me and Charlie are sending hime purrs and hugs! We hope he gets better and is home soon! Poor thing! Take care

  • Oh noes, poor Teego! I’m glad he is doing better, and I’ll bet he cannot wait to get back home!

  • Oh sweet one this brought back so many bad memories for me as mum put up similar pictures of me just before Christmas. Mum and dad were so upset seeing me in the vet hospital so know just how you are feeling. Thank goodness they saved your life and that you will be home soon. I know your siblings will be waiting to greet you when you get home and that you will get lots of loving .. Get well soon.. Hugs GJ xx

  • Oh poor sweet Teego, purrs and hugs from all of us!

  • Teego !!! Those blockages are evil, thanks COD ! you are safe !!!!
    Massive purrs for you !!!

  • Connie

    I have some similarly sad photos of Jack when he blocked. It is so hard on us and them.

    I hope Teego is feeling better soon!

  • bruno lexi and cookie

    He looks so sad in the cage with that huge collar on :-( hope Teego is back home soon =^..^=

  • Poor Teego! We are glad he got to the emergency vet in time. We are purring for a full recovery for him.

  • Yve

    We’re so sorry to hear that Teego is not feeling well. We all send our best wishes for a speedy recovery for him and his family. (Daddycat, Mommacat and fur-siblings)

    Love from the hoomins (Troy & Yve) and the “pride” aka Tommy, Tibbie (the bengal), Ppk, Jet, Muffin, Felicks and Bill & Eric. :)

    Hope everyone is home altogether soon!!!!! :)

  • Val

    Oh no – poor Teego. Glad he got to the vet in time and he’s coming home soon. I understand the drop everything to go visit activity. I’d do the same thing. I hated it when my beloved Terry had to be at the vet for almost a week. I went to see him daily – he looked so sad and scared. I was so glad to get him home.


  • Lisa (Foal)

    Poor little man!Both me & Natasha send him lots of love, cuddles and kisses for a speedy recovery xxx

  • Oh, we are so glad that Teego is going to be okay. Poor guy!

    We will purr and pray until he is all better.

    Hugs to you all!

  • Oh my poor little Teego, I’m so sorry to hear that you’re not well. We are thankful for your mommycat instinct, and we are giving her a big big hug for saving your life. We are thinking of you, and wishing you a quick and full recovery.

    Love you little mancat!


  • Doodle Bean

    I’m so glad Teego is all right and doesn’t seem to have minded that the stabby man stole his pee!!

    My oldster suffered from FLUTD as a youngster, but hasn’t had one episode since he had surgery at around two years of age — he’s had UTI’s, but no blockages nor anything close to a blockage.

    He’ll be 17 y.o. in about a month.

    If Teego didn’t get the surgery to enlarge his urethral opening, you may want to consider it. It makes ordinary UTI’s so much less life threatening (and much less expensive)!!

  • Oh my sweet Teego, I hope that everything is okay. Please, let us know how you are.

    Happy Valentine’s Day!


  • Poor teego

    The Housekeeper feels for you. This happened a long time ago to Parsnip and he was very uncomfortable for a few days after the necessary tubes but recovered well


    Crystal, Amber, Jasper and Dino

  • ABA

    So pleased he’s OK and don’t forget to remind Daddycat and Mommycat to try the new food I suggested. It should help.

  • I’ve been keeping up on Facebook, but I’m so glad Teego is getting better.

  • What a story… Glad is going bttter now.. Regards,Joan

  • We’re just stopping by to see how Teego is doing. We see from some of the comments above that he’s on the mend. Yay! :)

  • Glad your cat is okay. The last time I had a cat was a few years ago now I changed to a doggy person. eek! I have featured your blog on our ‘Featured Companies and Blogs” list. Hope thats okay.

  • A blocked penis!!! OMG!!!!
    The last photo is HYSTERICAL!

  • I’m sure they are so keen on the ham because they are missing their brother and need the distraction – at least that would be my excuse BOL