All about MEE!

Teego’s all ok and well again.

Dearest friends, I’m so sorry I haven’t posted a response for so long to let you all know that Teego’s ok.

Teego came home after 4 days at the veterinarian, and had a couple of war-wounds to boast about. Of course Bratzi Chatzi greeted him by sticking his nose straight up Teego’s bum! Where’s his dignity????

Teego has a bald patch on his neck from where they took samples of his blood

And he also had a bald patch on his forearm… It looks really sore and ouchie, but it’s actually only bruising from having a drip in it for three days, rather than scraped skin!

Finally, the vet said he might have Cardiomyopathy as she was concerned by his heart rate and sound, so she booked him in for an ultrasound scan of his heart, which he passed fine, so the evidence is that his heart is perfectly sound.

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