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Pet Portraits

We had a lovely e-mail just before Christmas from Kirstyn Holgate, the pet portrait painter, offering to paint a portrait of Freya!

We hadn’t had an offer like that before, and didn’t really know what to say!

Of course, it was quite difficult to find the perfect picture, as you don’t get a second chance to have a portrait painted personally, and Freya doesn’t take bad pictures, so we had to pick one out of the 1000’s of perfect Freya pictures…. (**coughcough!!**)

We sent off a picture for her to paint, and waited for an email back containing our picture.



A while later, we got the shock of our lives, when a big parcel arrived at the door, and we discovered it was a hand painted picture, 14″ x 18″ – We’d only expected it to be a digital JPG picture or something, but it was a real painting on canvas!

Because Freya’s eyes are a bit weird (don’t tell her) in the picture we sent, we’d also included another picture showing the eyes as they should look (not so weird!)

I think she’s really captured Freya’s expression and eyes!

Also her fur in the picture is a little greyer, where in real life, Freya has more reddy/brown colouring, like in her back legs or paws in the picture. Kirstyn has really captured her real colouring too!




Overall, we’re thrilled with our painting, and couldn’t be happier with it.

You can contact Kirstyn at

or her facebook page is
(It’s worth a visit, as she sometimes does free giveaway competitions!)



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