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Review – Dog Magic Puzzle Feeder by Nina Ottosson

Puzzle feeders are a big thing with us – we love to eat treats, and if we can interact with people as well as get treats, then well, everyone wins!

You see, life can get pretty boring sleeping for 18 hours a day, when you’re not feeding or cuddling us, so it’s great to get some extra stimulation from a puzzle feeder – a puzzle feeder is something where we have to solve a challenge in order to get a treat, rather than bury our face in a food bowl!noina ottoson dog magic review

The Dog Magic  puzzle feeder is a 1 out of 3 on the difficulty scale, so it’s pretty easy! Basically, it’s prepared by putting a treat under each of the 9 plastic covers (shaped like a dog bone, ugh!) and then you have to lift up each one, and you get to eat the treat underneath! Cool eh? (um, or you can wear it on your head.)

nina ottoson dog magic bengal cat

So Daddycat made a video of Freya and Teego playing with the puzzle feeder. Chatzi was locked out of the room, as he’s too pushy, and he wanted to film a pair of NORMAL cats playing with it! He made such a racket trying to get back in, it’s quite funny!

So here is the video we made. If you want to buy one of these, you can click here to get it from Amazon, buy a Nina Ottosson Dog Magic Activity Toy from Amazon  and if you click the link, Daddycat gets a very small percentage of the cost, but it’s up to you, you don’t have to or anything like that!


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