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Review – Cat Hampurr

We got a new exciting box in the post today, from the people at Cat Hampurr.

It’s a system where you pay for a secret box of kitty goodies, either for a one-off, or a monthly subscription (which is cheaper)


Right from the start, the boys were interested! (I think there may have been a sprinkling of something nice and smelly inside!)

Sorry there are no pictures of Freya around, but she keeps wall away when us boys are running rampant!

It came in a nice box with Cat Hampurr on it! and here’s a funny story! –

When it arrived, Daddycat was out so the post office left a note to collect it. But it was addressed to Freya, Teego and Chatzi, so Daddycat had to explain why he didn’t have a Bank Card for Freya, Teego or Chatzi when he got to the post office to collect it! It even made the grumpy man at the counter smile!!


Comes with a completely free cat trap! Look- It’s already caught a Teego!

It came with a nice variety of treats and goodies in there, although the contents change all the time, but will always be of a similar value.

This is what our one came with:
Fish4cats Finest fish dinners for cats Salmon 400g
Thrive 100% chicken treats 25g
3 Yarrah Adult chew stick treats
2 Jolly Moggy Sisal Catnip Sisal Balls
1 BecoBowl Eco-friendly Cat food bowl
1 sample packet of Seahorse Atlantic Kelp Care – which seems to be a vitamin food additive thingy


Something really got Chatzi’s interest at the bottom of the box!


I think if you’re looking for an unusual present for a cat family, or something original to treat your own cats with, it looks like a great product for £16, or £12 if you subscribe.
Cat Hampurr launches on April 11th 2014, so there’s still time to get in at the start! Don’t forget to say Freya sent you!

The alternative is the dreadful Supermarket Christmas Stockings for £6 that are genuinely stuffed with rubbish – a plastic ping pong ball, and 3 packets of treats that none of us three cats will even acknowledge as a food item!


Here’s a picture with the beautiful Freya, just to prove that she hasn’t been kitnapped!

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