All about MEE!


We first noticed Freya on the RSPCA Ashford’s Website but didn’t really pay attention much, as she was 5 years old and we were looking for a younger cat, and they also suggested that she might only be suitable for experienced Bengal owners, and we only had experience of a very frisky feral cat. Anna fell in love with her straight away, but was discouraged by not being an experienced Bengal owner.

Speaking to Leslie at Ashford, (The best Cat rescue person you could hope to meet) we were excited to hear that Freya might be ok for us after all, and decided to go and visit to see if Freya liked us. Straight away we were bowled over by her colours and spots, as we hadn’t seen a Bengal before. She jumped out of her pen, and just seemed so curious and confident and made it quite clear that we’d be suitable for her!

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