All about MEE!

New friends..

Today, I’d like to introduce you to some good friends of ours. They’re called Bannana and Cheese. And they’re cats, not food things.

I found them a few months ago, and was amazed by their illustrations – all us normal cat bloggers have to take photos, cos we can’t draw, but at Bananna and Cheese, Gail and CD can DRAW!!! and We’re so honoured that they drew a picture of us too!

And what’s different, is they write stories about their life. more

A kitty that walked 15,000km!

Hi Everyone!

Yesterday, a friend sent me some pictures of a beautiful kitty that travelled from Miami, USA to Ushuaia, Argentina with a backpacking couple.

The kitty, called Kitty, rides in their backpack sometimes, and other times walks alongside them. She found them in Louisiana, and just started walking along with them!

Their website, is in French, so I don’t understand much of it, but it seems the cat walks alongside them, and when she senses danger, she jumps in the backpack! more

Freya’s OTHER must see posts…

Oh dear, I knew this would happen! As soon as you start making a list, you’re in trouble from then on! Here are some I’ve missed out on:

6. Wendy’s lolspot. This is a one-person competitor to Icanhascheezburger! How she comes up with these fantastic captions so fast, and SO MANY, I’ll never know. And to think that she does it all for love is amazing!  The only thing is, that her blog appears with a new post for every picture, more

Freya’s MUST SEE Blogs.

Hi everyone,

I was thinking the other day, how many blogs I f0llow, and I was concerned that every morning, I wake up, and there’s about 50-70 updates to go through.

It’s quite daunting, but I can’t bring myself to neglect any of my kittie friends, but in my hurry to visit everyone, I don’t leave any comments. I wish there was a simple button to say “I’ve been and loved it, but didn’t leave a comment” because I visit so many, more